Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Day at St. Mary's

Well we finally finished our first bit of field experience and are on our ways to becoming Physical Education teachers, but I think that most of us find it a bit bittersweet. This last week was, like the last weeks, even more fun than the weeks before it and it seems like as soon as we started to become comfortable with all the students it had to end. I was able to work with the Pre-K students again and with out superhero theme I brought in pictures for the kids to color in of various superheros. Dan read a book about a super hero guinea pig and then we started to play our games. I had a variation of freeze tag and I called it "Mr. Freeze Tag" to tie it in with superhero, the kids loved it and were running around constantly with a few of the other college lab students that were dressed up as superheros. Then we had a small obstacle course for the kids where they had to help save WonderWoman and after that the time was up and our last week at St. Mary's was over and it feels like we've barely been there. I loved going to St. Mary's and working with the kids and I'm sad to go and I've learned much from my experience there and you can see my reflections about it here.

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  1. Great job at lab, Dan! You along with your classmates have improved so much since your first time at St. Mary's. It is bittersweet to see the semester come to a close but there are many opportunities for you to visit St. Mary's next semester. I'm glad you enjoyed your time working with the students at the after school program!