Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinosaur Train Stops at St. Mary's

This week at St. Mary's the theme was Dinosaur Train. Working with the Pre-K students has been my favorite week so far and I hope I get to work with them again. The lab started off with us observing another group starting up all the activities, which went well. The first game involved the students going through a "forest" and jumping over rivers. This game worked very well and it kept the students active and occupied enough to make sure that they performed the skills that were necessary. After these groups did their activities we took note and answered questions based off of a couple students.

Pre-K was a ton of fun and working with these kids was a pleasure. We started off with Dan reading a story to a few kids and a few others didn't want to read so they continued to play. I played legos with a few boys for a little bit, but they didn't seem too interested with me playing with them so I asked a couple girls if they wanted me to play castle with them. I played Lena with the castles and learning her name then later helped me when we did our game at the end. After the book was finished the kids had snack time in the next room and after they snacked they wanted to read a book so we did that again. After this book was over we went into the gym with the kids and I started my first game. The game went well, but after a few minutes the students started going off of the rules that they actually went by at first. Then they started to play by their own rules, but before this got out of hand the next game was set-up and we were ready. The last game went well and we were able to see the students perform the different skills. Overall working with the Pre-K students was my favorite group to work with and Dinosaur Train was a big success!

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  1. It was great that when the game began going in a direction that you did not want that you switched the game. Students can become easily distracted and get bored of an activity so having lots of back up games and being prepared really helps and it shows every week with you and your group at lab!