Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vancouver Comes to Cortland!

The Winter Olympics have been full force and the theme for the second lab at St. Mary's was of course the Olympics. The locomotor skills we were focused on watching this week was running, galloping, and hopping. In this weeks lab my group was to lead activities first and the other lab students were to observe. My game involved multiple stations with different activities that would have the students complete a locomotor task such as galloping to a target and back then throwing a beanbag at a target before moving on to the next station. The activity didn't go as smoothly as I thought and hoped it will, but since this was my first time trying I have a lot more time to improve on this. What I need to do first and most importantly is have my game set-up as soon as I arrive at St. Mary's. I tried to set-up quick but I had trouble finding the bean bags and because of the time I spent looking for them I lost time setting up targets and other parts for the activity, which kind of put me into a shock when it was my turn and I wasn't 100% set up yet. Also I should have made the rules more specific because the kids seemed a little lost at points and it got slightly chaotic at times. With all this happening now I know what I'll need to do in the future in order to improve my activities and lessons and I'll be able to run it all much smoother so I don't feel defeated at all. Overall this week was a great learning experience for me and I'm excited for next week's Dinosaur Train theme.

We also were assigned to watch two students, observe and take note of their skills for the gallop, run, and hop. The first thing I had to do when making sure the students hopped was to make suer they knew what each of the skills were. They all knew how to run and with slight help the gallop was done, but they didn't all know what a hop was technically, because of the idea that a bunny hops. A hop is a movement of elevation from one foot to another and is not done on two feet, so we had to make sure the students were aware of that when we played the games.

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  1. Setting up the game right when you get to St. Mary's is important. Having the students waiting to play a game loses their interest in the activity. When you did find the equipment you did set it up right away and introduced your game. Don't be afraid to ask me or the other lab assistants for help, that's what we're there for! Great job! Post a picture... no naked blogs!