Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Fundamentals and Physical Fitness

The fundamental locomotor skills are the most important and need to not only be taught but taught to the point that students are almost perfect at it. Skills like running, jumping, and hopping are some of the fundamentals and not knowing how to do these will effect other skills that are more advanced. Knowing how to do these skills will eventually lead to the ability to manipulate them into other skills like kicking, punting and bouncing.

Making sure students have the different kinds of stability (axial, static and dynamic) is important. Axial stability would include things like bending or twisting. There are also static and dynamic postures which would be rolling or dodging. Having stability is important and without it many advanced skills will suffer and the student will become stuck at one level.

Physical fitness can be broken down into two components: Health Related and Performance Related. Health related deals with strength, endurance, cardio, and flexibility. You want a combination of all these things to get through your day with enough energy to perform all your normal tasks and making sure you have extra energy in case there is an emergency. The performance-related aspect will make sure that you are able to do tasks at a high level and the higher your skill the easier your tasks will be. Some examples of this are balance, coordination, and agility.

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